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Looking back and looking forward

December 14, 2008

Sunday 14 Dec

I am stuck to bed or sofa with a back ache that seems to be caused by incorrect arm positioning when using a mouse. Knitting or similar makes my side hurt, but I have discovered that using the laptop on my lap, without a mouse, is OK. So I got out the note book where we wrote up the journal, and did a couple more days.  So, it might be worth going back to September and checking it out.  But photos are still to be added!

Two days after we returned from Limoges at the end of our 2008 camino-ing, Daisy, our youngest, informed us that she and Russell are expecting a baby next May. SInce then they have decided to get married on 28 February next year. There’s a lot to do for a wedding, and it dawned on me that we would benefit from a short peaceful break afterwards. So the plan is for Peter and I to walk the Camino Ingles on 3rd to 6th March.

The Camino Ingles is the way from the North West Spanish ports where the english pilgrims arrived by boat to make their way to the shrine of St. James. Margery Kempe of King’s Lynn in the 14th century sailed from Bristol. We shall fly by Ryan air to Santiago on Monday and catch a bus to A Coruna. Tuesday to Friday walking quite short days, arriving  in Santiago for two nights before flying home.  We won’t walk enough (100km) to earn a Compostella, so it will hardly be pre-empting our proper arrival at the end of our pilgrimage all the way from home – just a taster!